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I’m Thankful for… the Longest Night

I’m so glad I’ve made it. There’s a part of me that begins to carry on a concerned conversation in September every year discussing whether or not I will be able to survive the coming darkness. For those of you … Continue reading

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I’m Thankful for… Family Rituals

One of my favorite things about this family is how we celebrate our Winter Holidays. I love that 5 totally un-Jewish, mostly non-practicing anything, free spirits crowd around the menorah together each night of Chanukah and tell and retell the story … Continue reading

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Exceptional Elders and Stellar Celebrations

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As you may remember from the last couple posts, beginning right before Thanksgiving we spent four weeks enjoying a nearly continuous train of our menagerie of grandparents. In fact, we enjoyed visits from (at least a representative from) every one … Continue reading

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Grandmas Rule

We had the good fortune during the first half of Yule to have our Nana come for a visit. I mentioned it already last week, but wanted to take the extra moment now to wax grateful for the way(s) in … Continue reading

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Holiday Fun

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Well, it has been quite a yummy Yule thus far. Today we celebrated the Christmas portion of our holiday. Last night, the girls left cookies and milk for Santa, raisins for Holly the Christmas Faery, apple bits for Sleipnir, and … Continue reading

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Bon Yule!

Happy Solstice, and Felicitous Yule Tidings to All. We lit our little beeswax welcoming candle for the sun, lighting the way through these darkest nights. Now our days are getting longer again. And the sun is on its way back … Continue reading

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Holiday Fun: Phase 2

The candle-lighting of the menorah during Hanukah is a major (usually the first major) landmark in our Yule celebrations each year. Hanukah is one of those holidays that the dates of observance shift a bit each year — and even … Continue reading

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