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So, Um, Hey!

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Ok. I won’t deny it. I’ve been mostly incommunicado (to say the least) for the last several weeks. Those of you who frequent or happen upon this blog for parenting ideas may not have noticed, what with the recent parade … Continue reading

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So Far, So Yum!

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We have been full-on swimming in vacational bliss for the last several days. Here’s a quick reel of some of the fun the girls had just getting here… All that fun and we hadn’t even made it all the way to the vacation … Continue reading

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Well, summer is running away with us, as usual! We’ve been spending our days in lemonade stands, ice creams, farmer’s/craft markets, trips to the library, gardening, fresh produce of all kinds, and daily jaunts to our favorite river spot. It … Continue reading

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A Most Satisfying Blink

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Some of you may already be aware that we went to visit family in Santa Cruz for Easter this past week. And though it may well be considered poor form to wait until after the vacation to post any of … Continue reading

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Summer Was

We’ve had a stellar Summer here in the banana belt of Montana; and as it fades now into hues of orange and yellow and red, and cools into nestled hot tea memories, I want to celebrate it once more. Call … Continue reading

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The Pick- in Pictures

Natalie and her sister, Emily, both did great posts about our time at Pickathon this past weekend: here and here, respectively. But I still wanted to fill in the visuals from our perspective. I regret that I do not have … Continue reading

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The Week in Pictures

The week began much as we are accustomed to weeks beginning… Then we we’re treated to an adventure most of us had never experienced, picking our own organic blueberries at a farm co-op nearby. The girls couldn’t stand the heat … Continue reading

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