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Birthday Season!

Well, we did Echo’s birthday a couple weeks ago. This week we did our boy Henry’s (that’s him in yellow fur below), followed immediately by Natalie and Nana’s birthdays as well.Henry got a rambling hike up one of our local … Continue reading

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How Did Our Baby get to be 7?!

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Somehow, unbeknownst to me, and although I’ve been here, watching, the entire time, several years have flown by and now our youngest — the teeny, tiny baby — has turned 7! Not unlike the little lump of baby chick roosting on the hollow of Echo’s solar plexus (which … Continue reading

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It’s Her Birthday, but I’m the Happiest

Here she is. The one and only. The brightest and most beautiful. It’s her birthday today (as well as my own sweet Mama’s birthday — isn’t that cool!?) and we are so glad to celebrate it. She’s a natural wonder with … Continue reading

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Sixth Birthday Celebration Part Two

So this girl had a birthday party. What with Spew-fest 2013, and school, and work, I wasn’t able to get to sharing all of the glory with you until now — my apologies, if you were left wondering… The forecast … Continue reading

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Sixth Birthday Celebration Part One

Yesterday was the official day. We woke up with Echo in the morning and Natalie squeezed her and said, “Happy Birthday.” They got up and got dressed before me, and Echo came to my side of the bed and whispered, … Continue reading

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9th Birthday in 3-part Harmony

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Holy Time Machine, Batman! It’s already August? Well, obviously, we must be having some serious fun. And I brought proof! Here are some of the pics of Xi’s birthday celebrations this year: Here she is folks — the 9 year … Continue reading

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Well, as many of you likely already know, our little baby Echo turned 5 this passed week. I just can’t figure out how I could have been watching her everyday so intensely, and practicing mindful presence in so many of … Continue reading

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