Want more information or clarification on something you’ve read here? Or to ask a question for me to incorporate into a future post? Let me know!

Want support for something you’re going through with your child(ren)? I’ve been known to give stellar spontaneous empathy.

Want to turn over a new parenting leaf?  I am a certified Life Coach and Parent Mentor. My services are available in both departments.  You may feel free to email me at if you’d like more information about that, or to arrange a complementary strategy session to discuss your situation and how I might help. You can also find me on facebook and on the web at

In addition, I am also available as a guest lecturer, workshop leader, and freelance writer on the subjects of Teaching Emotional Intelligence, Parent-Child Bonding, Using Empathy in Parenting, and Natural Parenting Techniques and Approach. Have an event for which you want an enthusiastic and engaging speaker? Want to host a parenting workshop for your village? Or want to fill out your newsletter or other publication? Let me know how I can help, again at:

I look forward to connecting with you.

Be well, fellow future-makers.


4 Responses to Contact!

  1. Hi, Nathan,

    Wanted to stop by and say your blog is wonderful, so happy I stumbled upon it.

    Also, saw your article about postpartum doulas with Nina and I wanted to let you know that I shared it on my blog with a links to both the article and your blog, as well. Thanks for the great article! Below is a link…


  2. Hi Nathan, I just came across your article “Who’s the boss” and loved it! I’m an avid Continuum Concept mom of 3 almost all grown daughters and also a life coach. I’ll be sharing your article with my tribe. 🙂 Nice to meet like-minded people!

    Maybe one day we could have a conversation and/or interview each other and record it to share with our people.

    • Hi there Eliane! Thanks for writing in.

      And thanks for the appreciation and the sharing as well! Community is so important.

      I love the idea of a recorded conversation! Feel free to email me more of your thoughts about it.

      And I’m very pleased to meet you, too!

      Be well.


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