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Family Friday Updates even though it’s Saturday!

It’s been a fun and busy week around here. It seems like there’s a heckuva lot going on! For starters, after an extremely mild early Autumn — I mean, we didn’t even get pounded by a blizzard on Halloween(!) — … Continue reading

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Bats in Montana (The Lost Month part 3)

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Greetings Fam-fans! I know most of us have at least someone headed or already “back to school”, and the seasons are already shifting away from the long languid days of sun and play, but I’m here today to wax photographic once … Continue reading

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Aaannd We’re Off…

Summer is officially a full-go around here — both in calendrical terms (Happy Solstice, All!) and in the sense that we are all settling nicely into our favorite seasonal routines. We got our Bella back. And our Xi, too, for that … Continue reading

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Birthday Season!

Well, we did Echo’s birthday a couple weeks ago. This week we did our boy Henry’s (that’s him in yellow fur below), followed immediately by Natalie and Nana’s birthdays as well.Henry got a rambling hike up one of our local … Continue reading

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How Did Our Baby get to be 7?!

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Somehow, unbeknownst to me, and although I’ve been here, watching, the entire time, several years have flown by and now our youngest — the teeny, tiny baby — has turned 7! Not unlike the little lump of baby chick roosting on the hollow of Echo’s solar plexus (which … Continue reading

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Villanueva Rocks (and flowers, and sticks, and cliffs, oh my!)

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When we last left our heroes, they had just arrived at the family farm in Villanueva, New Mexico. The view above is from the house across the currently fallow (though gorgeous, teeming) field. And the view below is from the opposite … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Place of… 6512 and Growing

A bunch of you regular parenting blog readers out there will no doubt recognize this place. And for those of you (poor souls!) who don’t, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the wonderful home, family, and blog of 6512 … Continue reading

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