More of the Same… Wonderfulness!

Hey All! Our week was chocked so full of goodness that I’m only getting to the Friday Family Update on Sunday! And frankly, our day today is jammed packed enough with more fun that I haven’t got long now! So without further delay…

1. Meet our friend Arnold. He’s the Leopard Moth caterpillar that’s been living in the mud room for the last several days. He’s mowed through a number of pieces of Romaine and is setting up camp under the wicker table he’s pictured on below. We think he’s going to caccoon-up any day now!
2.13.15b2. We we went to the beach on the day after some pretty good storms came through. The bay had been choppy for a few days at least (both leading up to and including the stormy weekend), and the tide was still swollen and turbid when we went. And all along the shore, where the waves had run pellmell with their wakes full of treasures dredged and forged by their own tumbling vigor, they left, well — seafoam. Miles and miles of seafoam stranded at the tide’s furthest reach wiggling oddly in the wind, or swirling and churning like steaming milk against the rocks, or sailing speedily across the shallows. We called it “beach snow” and played games avoiding it and kicking sand at it and watching it float about. I’ve never seen anything like it!2.13.15aYou can click the link there –> for a 20 second video of The Foam that Came from the Sea.

3. Great Grandma Alice was over for her biweekly visit. Natalie made lunch, and we all hung out together. Alice’s birthday was this week — her birthdate is my lucky number actually: 212 — February 12th. Natalie also ended up learning how to make lemon meringue pie and crafted a beauteous one for the birthday girl’s party, which consisted of only a half-dozen 90-something lady friends having a private lunch at Natalie’s aunt’s. It turns out, 4 out of 6 great-grammas prefer Nat’s pie to the leading brand. 😉2.13.15c 4. Finally, we made it to the Roller Palladium! We had our inaugural trip this week and immediately made plans for the next one. I even got to use my new skates!2.13.15d 5. Aunts are great.2.13.15e 6. During Grammy-time this week Xi, Echo, and Grammy had a fashion shoot. The girls picked outfits from Grammy’s clothes. 2.13.15f2.13.15g 7. And then this happened…2.13.15h We took several hours and did some Boardwalking! Though we’d agreed to go in order to join some others, it turned out to be just Xi, Echo, Natalie, and I, and we hit all the major spots for the under-twelve set. A couple ferris wheel rides, a couple cave train rides, a couple bumper-car sets, and a few others peppered in made for a perfect amount of mellow sense-overloading and pleasant laugh-rioting…

2.13.15jI think the shot above is perhaps a perfect Santa Cruz Boardwalk encapsulization (lacking only a good view of the sky glider): to the far left you can just see the beach and edge of the tide; then all the rides in between; the mountains in the distance, and the river runs along the middle right side, just under the bright green log flume. You can see it all! And that’s Natalie and Xi in front of us, too.

And the shot below is a classic one for our family. We’re missing our Bella (of course) but the girls said we couldn’t leave without taking this shot.2.13.15i

8. And last but not least, here’s the latest episode of Today Today which happened this week too!

Today we’re jumping in to hang out with some Missoula friends who arrived last night! More on that later… 🙂


Be well.

About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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