Happy Gratitude, Y’all!

Wow what a week!! It feels like so much happened that we had two weeks in one! In no particular order — here’s the view from here:

1. As I mentioned last week, Autumn is going out with a flurry, transforming our local landscape into the seasonally appropriate “Winter Wonderland”. The river that runs through town, our daily retreat from the heat of Summer, all but stopped one day, frozen in its tracks. Of course, it really just appeared that way from the mounding sheets of snowy icebergs that collected, and like tectonic plates made a vast, rough continent of solid ice crusted over the river mantle. By Thanksgiving, the temperature had climbed enough to burn holes in the frozen surface, and the river reclaimed the rest. It was even green and sunny on Thanksgiving Day, now it’s white from ground to sky again…11.30.14d 2. Which is to say that it’s still freezing out there. And that is why these two, virtual strangers throughout the Summer, have been parked here for the last couple weeks, and are still in roughly the same spots now… Nimbus is more diplomatic about it than Frau.11.30.14c 3. Echo’s been working on some portraits.11.30.14a Here’s Mom up close.11.30.14l 4. Speaking of “up close”, here’s Natalie’s finger up close, with some little teeny Fairy Food donuts on it.11.30.14e She’s been in hyperdrive production mode for the last month. And this week has only been more of the same…11.30.14m She’s adding meals this year (below) on gorgeous fae-sized china like the one featured above.11.30.14g Mmmm Fettuccine Alfredo with garlic crostino…11.30.14v The meal menu is diverse to say the least… Though it reads a little like a Monty Python routine: “Chicken, peas, and cornbread”, “Chicken, peas, and egg”, “Chicken, egg, and bacon”, “Chicken and salad”… “Spam, spam, spam, spam…”11.30.14i Here’s the sweatshop, where Natalie’s tiny-handed minions make Fairy Food earrings… Not really! 😉 This is actually the result of Xi and Echo’s begging Natalie to let them help her. Echo is assembling the best pairs, and Xi is turning them into ear-worthy accoutrements.11.30.14f And here’s Natalie laboring away at another new Fairy Food incarnation — 11.30.14b Fairy Food Paintings!11.30.14r One of the current favorite Üuuuuuu’s11.30.14s And one of the current favorite Aaaaaaaah’s.11.30.14t 5. Echo and Xi with Lily and Hannah. The ladies were all out for a stroll together on this day — hot cocoas at the ready.11.30.14hLater, the foursome worked together on a fashion photo spread featuring some of Lily and Hannah’s favorite outfits.
11.30.14j 6. Thanksgiving this year was a decidedly “scaled-down” affair, but lovely nevertheless. Echo, Natalie, and I hid out at home most of the day and only made a handful of our favorite dishes. 11.30.14o We went for a stroll in the early afternoon — Echo was already in her fancy attire for dinner, I was in my Montana Mountain Man best. We got home and were feasting by 4: 7. After the Thanking, it snowed again, and Echo took the initiative to build her very first solo snow person, George. We all agreed that George had a winning smile.11.30.14k 8. Echo styled Mom’s hair and then wanted to take some photos — featuring only the hair.11.30.14p9. She then turned the camera on the current lego scene, below, which covers a significant portion of the living room floor. This castle wreckage was raised and razed innumerable times over the last couple weeks. Echo built a room for Nim the cat, a full-on defensive fortress, a family of robots, and a faery spa, among other things.11.30.14q 10. Here are some of Bella’s current art projects. On herself…11.30.14wincluding stripes, geometry, organic shapes, and (below) the names of some of her most profound influences.
11.30.14x And on the computer… (I can’t get over how much I love the Llamacorn, and “You can do the thing” — so good on so many levels!)11.30.14y11. We got out the Yule tree yesterday: cut from the basement forest, unfolded and set-up on the traditional spool table, and adorned with lights and just a smattering of ornaments (we saved more than half of the ornaments to do after Xi gets back this week). So our seasonal celebrations are officially kicked-off and well under way!11.30.14u

12. Last but by no means least — Natalie’s first Annapurna article is now (like our Yule tree) up and ready! So head on over and enjoy that at your earliest opportunity!

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings, and that you’re enjoying all your own seasonal delights, too!


Be well!

About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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