Friday Family Updates — It’s Fall Y’all!

FFeGreetings Fam-fans! I’m just stopping by with the first installment in the new series I’m calling Friday Family Updates. There’s a fair number of readers here, I know — our parents, family, friends, and followers — who use this blog as a way to keep up with what we’re doing, what life looks like from here, and how we’re pulling off our own version of Connection- and Empathy-Based Parenting. So I’m going to be giving our (quickish) family updates every Friday. Those of you who are less interested in the personal side of this blog may certainly tune these out and/or simply click on the “Parenting Ideas” category in the side bar to the right —–> in order to only see parenting-support-oriented posts. Huzzah!


So, here’s a sample of what’s been up around these parts as of late:

1) The drawing above is a portrait Echo did of a special being in her life — Stella the giraffe.


2) Our youngest (sniff, sniff), our little Echo (sniff sniff), got… (sniiiffffff)… MARRIED! And no, not to me and not to one of her sisters, as has happened often around here in years past…  FFaHer mother gave her away, as well as helping with her hair and other preparations. Xi helped Echo get dressed, did her make-up, was the flower girl in the procession, and the ring bearer and witness during the ceremony. Henry was also a witness. And, as is customary in these home marriages of ours (even when I have also been the betrothed…), I was the officiate.

In this case, Echo’s bride and groom was Stella.

FFbThe ceremony was very special. Echo and Stella looked amazing. The bouquet was a glorious testament to our garden this year. And the left-over birthday decorations made for perfect wedding decor as well.

3) Fall brought a close to our wonderful Summer farm share. But not before we got loaded up with the biggest haul of the year. Holy Brussels Sprout, Batman!FFh 4) Although the Autumn has been super-gentle with us so far this year, there have been a couple freezing nights already when we needed to cover the beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and squashes so that they could live the couple more weeks to finish fruiting. So I got out the blankets and plastic drop-cloths and snuggled-up the various cold-fragile plants that I could. Thus, we’ve only lost a bean plant and two cucumbers to date — that’s pretty impressive for a home garden with no cold frames nor greenhouse in Montana in October, believe me!FFdAnd, yes, that is a new “topknot” hair cut I’m sporting above… Natalie’s handy work.

5) Echo’s been whittling in the warm Autumn slant of sunshine on one of the straw bales we got for tucking-in the garden for Winter. She’s spent hours carving various sticks while simultaneously listening to audio-stories and/or narrating her own pretends.FFc 6) Echo’s also been making paper-roll dolls. This is Dave. His family isn’t, but some of his planned friends’ families are nesting paper-roll dolls. Natalie helps Echo papier-mâché a cardboard paper-roll and after it’s dry, Echo goes to work drawing, coloring, and creating a character. Right now, there’s a crowd of them clumped around a table of Fairy Food in the living room…FFi7) Gus got some work done on his face. What’s that? You can’t tell? Precisely! That’s because Natalie and I did such a professional job that one barely notices the signs of our work. It took weeks! But during the last third of Summer and the beginning of Fall, we stripped, sanded, primed, and repainted the entire porch (trim, columns, ceiling, and floor included!). It looks even better than new. And we already wish we never had to do it again!!
FFg 8) Speaking of art and projects — and painting we’d rather be doing — Natalie has been creating new wonders with Fairy Food the last several weeks, making wall-hanging pieces involving different scenes of characters or objects in relation to different pieces of Fairy Food. I wish I could show you all of them!FFf 9) Other current projects include Nim’s new necklace. It’s one of a collection that Echo is knitting for our rotund, grey boy. In addition to this startlingly vibrant ruby one, he’s been seen wearing an orange, yellow, and white “candy corn” blend as well — just in time for Autumn!FFj And 10) — last but certainly not least — Halloween is just around the spooky… scary… corner… So, our girls (and Natalie included) have been gearing up for the seasonal celebration by getting costumes ready! Xi (with assistance) has been working on her Captain Jack Sparrow costume.FFk And Mom and Echo have been teamed-up working on Echo’s purple, T. Rex-inspired dinosaur costume. Aren’t they both amazing already!!?FFl I can’t wait to see them on Halloween night! We’ll be sure to share pictures… 😉

Well, that’s the haps around here at the moment. Hope you’re all enjoying your transitions into Autumn too!


Be well.

About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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