Back to YOU


You had a magnificent Summer. You did all (or almost all) of the super-fun stuff that you promised the kids you’d do. You took trips, you played hard, you went to the splash park and the beach and the fair, you arranged playdates, you hosted sleep-overs, you took them to camp, and you planned everything, you got everyone everywhere, you fed everyone, and you made sure that boredom didn’t crash the 12-week party. Let’s face it, you kicked Summer’s butt.

And maybe Summer kicked your butt a little bit too…

Maybe you were working extra hard to keep everything going according to plan this Summer. Maybe you were feeling stressed out about making sure your kids got everything they needed, went everywhere they needed to go, had as much stimulation as they love-yourselfneeded to have, and still rested as much as they needed and ate as much as they needed and washed as much as they needed, too. Maybe there were things you let slide, things you put on hold, things you shelved just because you were so focused on the thrill of the seasonal ride, keeping it all together, staying in the moment. Maybe you had a flash in your mind of how great it would be when you got back to that project or back to that idea or back to that new habit you were working on. Maybe you even had moments when you wanted a vacation from vacation. Maybe you were counting the days until school started back up and some of your load would be lightened. (It’s ok, I won’t tell on you…)

Nearly all of us conscientious, involved, interested, attentive, supportive, connected parents feel that way sometimes. The End of Summer is a common time for parents to feel worn thin and fraSelf-Love1zzled, simply from putting so much care and attention into what they’re doing for their kids. And when you add in the Back to School crunch and the destabilization and reorganization it causes each year — well, this can be one heck of harrying time for any mom or dad. Even those of us who homeschool aren’t free from the “Summer dizzies” or “shifting back to homeschool schedule upheaval” — we can get stressed out from either or the combination of them just like any other parent.Daisy macro

But after the dust settles just a little… After the focus that has been even more narrowly tuned to them for a period begins to soften… After you catch your breath a moment… You might have the opportunity to turn your gaze to yourself for a second. You might have an inkling, or a brief sensation, or even a strong feeling, or an overwhelming epiphany

eselfloveUnderneath all these things you’ve been doing and are doing and will do, underneath all the love you give and help you offer and empathy you share, underneath all the thankless and Herculean and Sisyphus-ian feats you pull off every single day of every year for the family that you love so dearly — underneath it all, there’s a YOU.

And YOU matter. You matter so much that your whole family could’t be and do what it wants and needs to do without you. You matter so much that your kids couldn’t survive or succeed or live happy lives making the world a better place if you didn’t do what you do. You even matter so much that people like me dedicate our lives to support you. And you do so much for others, for your family, that it matters how well you take care of YOU, too.

Lend Yourself To Others, But Give Yourself To Yourself.Now maybe you aren’t “burned out”. Maybe you aren’t “dying inside”. Maybe you aren’t “suffocating under the weight of it all”. But you deserve the time, energy, focus, (and yes, a little help if you can get it!) to do some things for yourSELF, too; to recharge, and restore, and revitalize; to put some of your big love into projects or ideas or goals that mean something to you, that you value — to feed your core.

You deserve that. And your family deserves you getting it, too. Because when you’re filled up, and/or moving on dreams that are meaningful to you, and/or nurturing who you are and how you want to grow and love and be, and/or just spending time with a deeply empathetic ally who’ll hear you out and help you find your own (perfectly YOU) way — then you’ve got waaaaay more to give than when you’re stifling your dreams, sitting on your goals, or not getting what you need!selflove

So that’s why I’m making you a special offer right now. The timing is right. The need is present. And you deserve it. And out of respect and honour for all that you do, and out of my own personal mission to be of assistance to as many families around the world as I am possibly able — out of the honest hope that I can give something back to the most important people on the planet (that’s YOU mindful parents, incase you’re wondering, you’re world-changers!) — I want to make it easy to give yourself something that is truly life-evolving.

Everyday-Self-Love-ImageWhether you’ve got parenting goals, professional goals, relationship goals, health goals, or projects you want to kick-start, or milestones you want to achieve — we can do it together!


And for those of you who’ve never worked with a coach before, let me tell you, there’s no better way to get moving on things that mean something to you than to hire someone who’s job it is to support you in doing just that. It’s my actual occupation to help people — parents, professionals, college students — people just like you, to get where they most want to go; and to powerfully support them on their way. I love what I do, primarily, because I’ve seen how profoundly peoples’ lives can change from actively engaging in the process of coaching. We should all have at least one!

I specialize in connection parenting, life transformations, and project success. You can get coaching from me on any one, all, or none of them! I can coach you on anything you want or can imagine; because I don’t have to be an expert in whatever it is in order to help you — my skill lies is in assisting you to find the way(s) that mean the most to you, the ways that resonate resoundingly with who you are, the ways that thrill and fulfill you to the bone, so that you can succeed in doing what you want. You’re the expert — I’m just the best tool for this particular (and very important) job.tumblr_le9kgictkU1qbdhxao1_500_large

So go ahead. Take me up on it. Or buy it for your spouse if s/he could use it more. You and your family are worth it! And there’s never been a better time than right now.

Beginning immediately, until the end of the year, or until my roster is too full (I’ve only got so many hours in a day, too!), I am offering 4 coaching sessions with me via phone or Skype for just $199. That’s less than half of my regular coaching rate, and I can’t always offer such a thing and still stay in business, but I really want you to take this opportunity, and I don’t want anything to hold you back, so I’m doing this to make it as easy as possible for you.


That’s the offer. I’m making it because YOU matter, and because I want to help you make the difference that you’re making everyday. If you’d like to find out more, or take this whole coaching thing for a little test drive, or just get to know me a little better and ask me a few questions — feel free to contact me via the contact page above; my website; or my email: You can set up a complimentary consultation session with me — we’ll talk more about your situation, I’ll let you know how I can help, and we’ll get a feel for whether or not we’d like to work together. Even the consultation alone can be so helpful in clarifying where you’re headed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and arrange it today!


You do what you do out of such profound love for your family, but you can only do for them as well as you do for yourself in the long run. So be kind to yourself. Empower yourself. Give yourself something wonderful. You’ll not only be brighter and shinier and happier for your children, you’ll also be showing themself_esteem_quotes what it means to be self-nurturing, self-loving, self-assured. They’ll learn more from your taking good care of yourself than from all the words that you could ever say to them about taking good care of themselves…

And besides, YOU’RE WORTH IT.

4 Self-Sessions with me for just $199
. You’ll be so glad you did it. And so will they.



Be well.


P.S. If you know a parent for whom this offer would be ideal, please feel free to pass it along, and/or share it randomly with as many people in as many places as you like! We’re all in this together… ♥

About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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