A Beautiful Place of… 6512 and Growing

A bunch of you regular parenting blog readers out there will no doubt recognize this place.6512c

And for those of you (poor souls!) who don’t, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the wonderful home, family, and blog of 6512 and growing. We’ve been virtual friends and accomplices for years now, and had once before had the pleasure of briefly visiting their gorgeous home in Durango, Colorado. This time we came to town instead of just stopping in as we passed by.

We’d arranged with Rachel — the 6512 mover-shaker, dynamo-mama — to do our current workshop in Durango with some of her community there, and others that either read Rachel’s blog or her column in the local newspaper, or that were invited by someone who does. We had an impressively engaged group at the workshop — lots of great clarifying questions, poignant scenarios for us to untangle, and a deep sense of connection in the room. We came away buzzed from the endeavor as usual; but I personally found that a number of the people I spoke with afterward had really picked up some major “nuggets” during the course, and that sent me soaring! The concept that we can share this information, help others apply it to their own lives, and have it affect them so deeply, changing their lives so fully, and allowing their families so much more peace and connection still totally astounds me. I mean, I know I’ve lived the change (to empathy parenting) and have seen it working in my family’s life, and I’ve worked with plenty of clients and heard of the changes in their and their families’ lives; but to spend a few hours face-to-face with a group of parents who are hungry for something different or looking to deepen their parenting practice, and to see the wheels start racing in their minds as the workshop information hits, to feel them shifting before our eyes, to witness them turning that corner, and to experience some of the guilt, shame, self-tenderness, relief, wonder, and excitement with them, and to know that parenting could be forever different for them — well, that’s just magic to me.

After the magic on Saturday, we all reconvened for dinner at Rachel and Dan’s house.6512

As I sat on the couch — that same couch many of you know well already (and can be seen in the post of Rachel’s I linked above) — and I looked around, I had (aside from the still buzzy post-workshop feeling) a strange, dreamy sensation come over me. Natalie encapsulated it perfectly when she leaned over and said to me, “It’s like we’re on the set of one of our favorite shows!”. And she was right, that’s exactly what it was like.

See — here she is on set! With Rachel and Dan!OTR7 On Sunday, we came back over and the kids had an egg hunt in the back yard.6512a

But not before checking out the Fairy Food! Natalie had brought almost her entire stock to sell stuff while we were in Santa Cruz; so the kids, and even Rachel and Dan marveled over the tiny produce, pastries, and meats that they’d previously gotten samples of but never had the pleasure of actually picking through. The kids chose a few items, some for the grandparents, too, and Rachel dawned a lovely pair of leek earrings that looked like they were made just for her.6512bHere, Rose and Echo are strolling and chatting, and theorizing about egg hiding spots…
6512d And then, as if it were a photo of the same two girls years later, here are Rachel and Natalie slowly meandering around the yard and chatting, as well.6512e

After the egg hunt, the kids got down to the serious business of egg-innard trading. At one point it became like a quiet, free-for-all auction — “I got money in this one, I’ll trade you for that…”, “I’ll give you everything in these three eggs for the money you just got from him…”, “I’ll give you a ginger chew for that…”.6512i There were some easy deals and some hard bargains made — and everyone seemed to feel like s/he came out on top: a win-win-win if you will…6512f After the egg hunt and many hugs, we hit the road again and tore down through the canyonlands of northern New Mexico. Echo, per her own design for the day, was still dressed in her Easter finest.6512jFive hours later, we arrived at Villanueva and the family farmhouse. Of course, we barely unloaded our things into the house before we set off up the hill on our inaugural hike. Echo was excited to climb some rocks and see some Nature. Natalie and I kept sighing deeply and soundly.6512g On top of the hill with the sun setting over the arroyo behind, we decided to take a quick shot just to commemorate Echo and Natalie’s first trip to the summit.6512hLast night, we had a home-cooked feast, built and enjoyed a roaring fire, and then snuggled in for some much deserved rest.

This morning, we got up with the sun, and before long, Echo was in the “catbird seat”, rocking in the morning light, eating a bowl-full of frozen blueberries with purpling fingers and lips.
6512kNot a bad place to be…

I hope you’re finding your “just right spots” too. Enjoy ’em when you can!


And be well.


About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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  1. Loved this. I have an Echo sized hole in my heart.


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