The Month in Pictures (11/13)

Think photo-journal. Think speed of life. Flip back 30 days. And enjoy.

11.13a We discovered Ken’s definitely a girl — like, “‘Whoa’-rodent-labia-in-your-face” discovered. So far no identity crisis has ensued… And we aren’t going to change her name.

11.13bWe not only did ourselves up for Day of the Dead this year; we also went downtown and volunteered face-painting the throng of parade-goers. Natalie and the girls all sported these amazing  mustachios.  I already had a less amazing one.11.13za

My parents, b.k.a. “Nana and Grandpa George”, came to visit.

We played and puzzled.
11.13dWe ate amazing food.

11.13eAnd we shot panoramas — in which Grandpa made fun…

My parents took Natalie and me to see Iron and Wine (a favorite musical act of all four of ours) — “no pictures please…”

And my parents also got to come and see me perform in the Missoula Community Theater’s production of Spamalot!.
Spamalot_090(B)I got to play two roles in the show — Sir Bedevere the strangely flatulent, (one in from the right, in case you don’t recognize me) above…Spamalot_201(KoN)…and the head Knight who says “Ni!”…Spamalot_242(KoN)or “Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky f’tang f’tang boing boing olé biscuit barrel…” as the case requires.

11.13fNatalie went back into high-production mode with Fairy Food.

11.13iTo her normal regimen of hours and hours of listening to audio stories, Echo has added hours of listening to the soundtrack to the Broadway version of Spamalot!.

11.13k Xi still loves babies. Of course, what fool would be able to refrain with these characters.

11.13lEcho has started going to Girl Scouts — Daisy Scouts to be precise — so she and her new cohorts practiced their Investiture Ceremony (which happened last night!).

11.13jMore Fairy Food! There’s a whole new “Deli” at the Fairy Food Market for this year’s holiday gift fairs…

11.13tGrammy came to visit for the week of Thanksgiving.

11.13pAnd Bella got to come over for Thanksgiving as well. She’s learning guitar…

11.13mThe girls picked right back up where they left off…
11.13s11.13q Grammy brought seasonal crafts to do.11.13rAnd although, I won’t regale you with pictures of food, we had a truly scrumptious feast for Thanksgiving. We ended up having Turkey and Tofurky in addition to all of our other favorites.11.13o 11.13n 11.13zb11.13u

11.13zeAs you can see, we wasted no time getting the Yule tree up this year, even going so far as to do the Western tradition of putting it up the day after the turkey.

11.13v Henry has been getting into seasonal fashion.11.13w

11.13zdChanukah started early this year — even before Thanksgiving. I loved this year’s candles! And that we got to have this holiday mash-up — it’s so lovely to see the Yule lights and the candles together; and you can’t tell, but I know looking at this shot that it came right before we had our last Thanksgiving left-overs, which adds to the delicious jumble when I look at it…

11.13zcThese are Feeleez Magnet Set snakes. They slithered onto the counter in sections as Natalie and I created the first ones of this new line.

11.13xYou may have read on Natalie’s blog that Echo and I had “the talk” about Santa. Though it went stupendously, I assumed afterward that our relationship with the big guy in the red suit was going the way of the dinosaurs. Then two days later, Echo crafted a wish list letter to ole Saint Nick and sent it off to the North Pole.

11.13yYesterday afternoon, before the Investiture Ceremony, a special delivery showed up at our frozen wasteland of a doorstep. Grammy (who heard from Natalie that the ceremony was coming) arranged to have these lovely flowers sent to Echo in commemoration of the event.
IMG_0101And there she is on the far left — our official big-little Daisy Scout!

So that’s pretty much what our last month looked like. I spared you the images of our outdoor thermometer buried at sub-zero readings, and the layers and layers of clothing we all have to heap onto our bodies just to be able to go outside and not die, and the puke-fest that ripped through our household bookending Thanksgiving, and a half dozen other little tidbits that didn’t end up on digital film… but you got the highlights!

Hope you all enjoyed your last month at least half as much as we did; and hope you are well on your way to enjoying your holidays, too!


Be well.


About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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