Boredom Schmoredom (with Toilet Paper Strips)

It’s been a number of months since I’ve posted in this theme. Fortunately, that is not at all because the girls have stopped being creative in their play, but simply because other stuff has gotten in line to be posted first or instead. But this game could not be ignored or shelved for some other more “important” or more entertaining post.

What you are witnessing here is a game that Echo has been enjoying lately. This is the second of two fully-formed Toilet Paper Families that Echo has made in recent weeks. On the one hand, the paper is one of the only toy-options ready to hand in the bathroom — especially while seated on the throne, as it were. But don’t think that this is the only or even the first way this game came to life. One day, Echo just walked into the bathroom, grabbed a couple sheets of TP, ripped them into strips of relative sizes, and started referring to them as the various members of a family unit.

The taller ones are, of course, the parents. Then there are (in this particular TP family) three daughters, a baby boy, and a dog. These characters were involved in various scenarios, interacting with each other, discussing matters of import, and even empathizing with one another at various stages. This family came and went in the course of an afternoon, but the other family she made continued to hang around in different parts of our home for more than a week. Echo tended them, made sure that they were doing well, just as she would one of the dolls, or other figurine-type toys.

When I think of the capacity for imaginative play, for creative thinking, for empathizing via/with “non-sentient life”, and for entertaining herself with — in this case — nothing but little strips of paper — I am amazed and pleased and so thankful that we have left her to her own (play) devices as often as we have, and refrained from using the multitude of available electronic baby-sitters as much as we have. This girl can literally entertain herself for hours with a wad of toilet paper. Now that’s an empowered mind.


Be well.

About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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