I’m thankful for… Found (Kid) Objects

This Summer, I was on a search for some “lost” kid item — imagine that — and had the brilliant idea to get a long dowel and use it to sweep out from under the beds which have a mere inch and a half of clearance.  I was surprised to discover what an excellent tool this was, but I was more surprised to discover the amount of stuff under the beds! It’s such a narrow/low entrance, but just the right sized for all sorts of tiny toys and random bits.

I just came back across this photo of the treasure I found and had to share it with you. I love it! And the odd collection it captures. Amidst and aside from the usual tonnage of dust bunnies and dog hairs, I discovered:

  • 3 small plastic franks
  • 1 electronic pretend stethoscope
  • 4 fish puzzle pieces (multi-colored)
  • 1 whale puzzle piece (blue)
  • 1 dry rose petal (red)
  • 6 bottle caps from Bella’s defunct bottle cap collection
  • 4 pipe cleaners (1 sparkly one with a fuzzy ball wrapped in the end)
  • 1 pencil (wooden #2)
  • 1 Playmobile mom
  • 1 Playmobile kid
  • 1 Playmobile flower head
  • 1 small chestnut mare
  • 1 St. Patty’s Day bouncy ball
  • 1 hair tie (green)
  • 1 hair scrunchy (green) with plastic flower decoration (purple)
  • 1 Strawberry Shortcake sweater (sheer pink)
  • 1 plastic businessman with unicorn-horn hole in abdomen (part of a set)
  • 1 little rubber baby (headless)
  • 1 teeny rubber baby with blue diaper (and head intact)
  • 1 plastic spider ring from Halloween (black)
  • 12 magnets from a chemistry “molecule set”
  • 1 paper Easter Bunny head (pink)
  • 1 wooden pretend screwdriver (flat-head)
  • 1 wooden pretend birthday cake candle
  • 1 piece of plastic lettuce
  • 1 half of a bandaid backing-paper
  • 1 expanding-capsule sponge rocket (orange, well, tangerine)
  • 1 expanding-capsule sponge bat (two tone)
  • 1 American Girl doll toothbrush (pink)
  • 1 leaf piece from the kids’ game Honey Bee Tree
  • 1 pair doll eyeglasses
  • 1 faery skirt (blue sparkle)
  • 1 penny
  • 1 Polly Pocket sweater
  • 1 glow in the dark faery
  • 1 Barbi high heel (white)
  • 1 piece of pencil lead
  • 2 Bendaroos (or Wikitstix , I can’t tell which…)
  • 1 glow in the dark rubber lizard
  • 1  wooden bead (olive)
  • 1 popcorn kernel
  • 1 dry carnation
  • 2 boa feathers (pink)
  • 1 craft fluff ball (red)
  • 2 pieces of Guinea Pig poop (brown)


I find so much fun in being a parent. Hope you’re finding yours, too.


Be well.


About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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