The Daily Flow

We’ve settled into the sublime cycle of our perfect Missoula summer. Every day holds more of the same delicious activities both together and individually in concert. Each morning yawns widely before us and breathes in slowly and sweetly, until somewhere after mid-afternoon when the day slowly begins to sigh itself contentedly into slumber. And each day feels like the best possible day.

Here’s the general pattern (though the order is somewhat variable):

  • We all wake up languidly, do morning wake up things, drink water
  • Check various communication inlets — email, phone, blog/ecourse comments, maybe even facebook…
  • While kids play, read, and/or draw, together and/or alone nearby
  • Some or all of us eat french toast and/or scrambled eggs and/or oatmeal and/or granola, etc.
  •  Natalie lets out the chickens, does yoga, and makes us an amazing smoothie to share
  • I check on the garden, move the wheelbarrow-o’-tomatoes to their late-morning spot, maybe turn on the drip system (consider getting timer for sprinklers)…
  • While the girls play, read, and/or draw, and/or work on a project, together and/or alone nearby, and/or go around the block on scooters, and/or set-up a lemonade stand
  • Then there is a period of workish stuff — whether it’s life-coaching or parent-consulting, or responding to ecourse comments, or Feeleez stuff, or working in the yard, or house-cleaning, or running errands, etc., etc.
  • On some days there is a playdate or playgroup or (more regularly as of late) a birthday party
  • I move the wheelbarrow-o’-tomatoes to their late-afternoon spot
  • We go to our favorite river destination in town to dunk, swim, float, play,  chuck rocks, and/or just sit and watch the water and people go by
  • Natalie and I usually have some stellar conversation(s) going throughout the day, but especially at the river — conversely, we are also steadily assisting the girls with various “things”, negotiations, informations, and redirections throughout the day, but especially little at the river
  • Then we pack up and head back home, cool and satisfied, but never “done” with the river (just in case the river reads this…)
  • Natalie makes us an amazing dinner which nourishes both our bodies and our particular culinary interests — unless we get burritos —
  • While the girls play, read, and/or draw, together and/or alone nearby, and/or go around the block on scooters; on Saturdays they watch a movie
  • We eat dinner together at the table, except on Saturdays and the occasional casual picnic or river-dinner
  • Teeth get brushed, faces washed, bathrooms used
  • We read books — lately I’ve been reading Harry Potter 2 to Echo until Echo goes to bed, then jumping to Harry Potter 5 to read Xi and/or Bella
  • Kids go to bed, which takes about an hour (Echo takes the whole time, Xi only a few minutes, and Bella stays up a half hour later reading to herself, then drifts off quickly)
  • Afterward, Natalie and I may do some more checking communication inlets, responding to communications, and/or other worky stuff
  • Then we may watch some movie or show while snuggled up on the couch (which we carry from the living room to the computer nook for this purpose), and/or do some other fun thing together…
  • Then Natalie passes out
  • I stay up for a bit doing this or that, including such thises and thats as: laundry-ing, writing, midnight-gardening, reading obscure studies on the correlation between breastfeeding and behavioral expressions of compassion in toddlers, or maybe watching an episode of The Universe, etc..
  • Then I do some version of my own “yoga” routine and I pass out as well

The other day, Xi made a wish on a rock that she was tossing into the river — a family tradition of ours — and she said, “I wish that this would be the best Summer ever.” I think the whole family’d agree with me when I say that, so far, it really is.

I hope you all have the best Summer ever, too.


Be well.

About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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