I KNOW You Know A Publisher!

You may have heard me mentioned this before, but still my proverbial prince has not yet come, so I wanted to put it out there again…

Natalie and I have three stellar books already finished and just waiting to be devoured by story-hungry kids. I don’t like resorting to this level of “shameless self-promotion”, but honestly, you’ve left me no choice… I want to write more books, and Natalie wants to do more illustrating. We recognize the selfishness of these wishes, but we just don’t care.

Now, we’ve done the work to make 3 finished, fully wrought and immaculate books. We’ve done the additional leg work to figure out what one is supposed to do to get a book published. We’ve done the letter writing. We’ve submitted two of the books to various publishing houses, and waited the 3-6 (to 9) months just to get a response, only to hear how much they really liked the book and that they held onto it extra long because they really liked it… and — we just haven’t found the right publisher yet.

The trouble for me is that this part, the publisher-seeking part, well, it just takes to damn long. I get that “you have to do what you have to do”, but I want to be writing more books (I know I mentioned that already), instead of that other stuff. And really, we’ve been doing the looking around for publishers part since my eldest daughter was in diapers so it isn’t like we’ve been resting on our laurels (not that we’d want to rest on our laurels).

But I’m not here to salt your virtual sleeves with my orthographic tears… No, seriously.

I’m just here to show you this

aannnd this

and to ask you to click on this, so you can preview Some Monsters on Blurb.com.

Please, I beg you, send a note (and link, and link! don’t forget the link…) to all of your publisher friends and tell them you are going to set yourself on fire if they don’t publish our “impressive and necessary” little books. They should be able to let you know in 3-6 months.

We really appreciate your help… Even if you don’t actually follow through with the whole self-immolation part.


Be well.


About Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

I am a full-time parent of three, Writer, Life Coach, Lecturer, Parenting Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. In all of the above, I am seeking to assist my fellow humans in their processes of claiming and unleashing their highest potentials.
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4 Responses to I KNOW You Know A Publisher!

  1. kloppenmum says:

    I don’t know any publishers, Nathan – but have you looked at self-publishing with Lulu or another online company?

    • Thanks Karyn. We did put Some Monsters on Blurb and people can order it that way. And the Feeleez ABCs book is available as an E-book. But neither of those garner the same kind of market as a publishing house… We’ll keep at it though.

      Let me know if you meet any publishers… 😉

      Be well, friend.

  2. Gina says:

    Oh Nathan! That is such a lovely book & what a great (and yes, most needed) idea for a children’s book. I wish I knew someone, but I will happily link on my Facebook page & Twitter….maybe someone knows someone etc.

    • That’s all I’m asking, Gina — if you know someone, great, and if not, then pass us around if you feel like it… We’d appreciate any help we can get!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for linking the book to your other contacts, Gina.

      Be well.


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